In some cases anxiety and dizziness can be quite strongly interlinked with each other and dizziness can actually be a sign or symptom of anxiety.

What can happen is, if you’re suffering from anxiety and you’re spending so much time and energy focusing on dizziness while you are feeling the sensation of dizziness, this can create a cycle of going from dizziness to anxiety, dizziness to anxiety, and in time this can actually worsen both the dizziness and anxiety.

And to add onto this, if hyperventilation comes into play as well, this can cause you to breathe very rapidly in a state of panic. This can also really exacerbate and worsen your dizziness as well, so a good way of counteracting this is if, firstly you sit or lay down in a nice and comfortable position. You can also drink a glass of water.

Ideally you want to do some deep abdominal breathing; the key thing with this is to ensure that you’re doing it deeply and slowly. Firstly you want to inhale through your nose, and as you’re doing that you want to expand your stomach. Next, you want to exhale through your mouth nice and slowly, whilst bringing your stomach inwards.

So again, you want to inhale through your nose whilst expanding your stomach, then exhale through your mouth whilst bringing in your stomach. Do several repetitions of this, until you’re feeling calm and your state of panic has lessened.

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