Suffering from dizziness? It is very common for adults to become dizzy. One variation of dizziness, which affects almost 40 percent of adults aged 40 and higher is vertigo. Vertigo normally occurs because of a defect with the vestibular system, which is essential for maintaining balance and preventing sensations of dizziness.

The 3 main sensory systems, which are the visual system, vestibular system (inner ear) and the movement system (proprioception) all effect balance. If one of these systems isn’t functioning properly, this can cause vertigo and make it feel as if the room around you is spinning.

Discover some simple solutions on what you can do if you’re experiencing vertigo, dizziness, or if you’re suffering from a vestibular disorder below.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in April 2016 and was updated in August 2016.