There are many methods that can be used for treating vertigo, but it can be quite daunting searching and figuring out which ones to utilise. Presented below is a list of 61 different ways that you can use to combat vertigo. When trying any of these methods, be sure to keep record of how each one makes you feel. If any of these 61 methods makes you feel odd, discontinue using that method and consult with your doctor.

How To Combat Vertigo

  1. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT)
  2. Performing an epley maneuver
  3. Taking ginkgo biloba
  4. Visual therapy
  5. Stretching your neck muscles
  6. Drinking ginger tea
  7. Inversion therapy
  8. Fixing your circadian rhythms
  9. Avoid looking at excessive motion e.g. fast traffic
  10. Mindfulness meditation
  11. Using an Epley Omniax System
  12. Cooking with turmeric and curcumin
  13. Performing grounding and earthing exercises
  14. Buteyko breathing
  15. Visiting a chiropractor
  16. Avoid looking at too many lights
  17. Increasing blood flow throughout the body
  18. Drinking green tea
  19. Avoid eating wheat
  20. Using earplugs
  21. Increasing vitamin D levels
  22. Cardiovascular exercise
  23. Taking wood betony
  24. Cayenne pepper
  25. Laughter meditation
  26. Abdominal breathing
  27. Seeing an ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist)
  28. Supplementing with feverfew
  29. Bioenergetics
  30. Reducing stress levels
  31. Eating foods rich in iron
  32. Taking a natural antihistamine for allergies e.g. grape seed extract
  33. Binaural beats
  34. Supplementing with omega 3
  35. Going vegan or vegetarian
  36. Avoiding MSGs
  37. Butcher’s broom
  38. Physiotherapy
  39. Eating watermelons
  40. 478 breathing
  41. Taking magnesium
  42. Eating foods high in vitamin c
  43. Avoiding dairy products
  44. Bathing with epsom salts
  45. Cutting down on salty foods
  46. Performing balance exercises e.g. Balancing on one leg
  47. Yoga
  48. Using Indian gooseberry
  49. Colon hydrotherapy
  50. Alternate nostril breathing
  51. Massaging your body with peppermint oil
  52. Consuming coriander seeds
  53. Taking ginger crystals
  54. Eating almonds
  55. Increasing vitamin B12 levels
  56. Acupuncture & acupressure
  57. Cold shower therapy
  58. Drinking at least 2 litres of water day
  59. Mixing and drinking lemon, black pepper, salt and water
  60. Reducing anxiety levels
  61. Supplementing with a B complex