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Good, good, good. My vertigo has decreased in the space of just a few days. Whenever I go out traffic would always make me feel sick. I’ve noticed that this hasn’t happened lately. Can’t wait to see more results in the future.


It worked like a charm. Ever since last Christmas dizziness has taken over my life. It was also much worse for me outdoors but once I started to improve my balance and learn to relax more that’s when things really started to make a difference.


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  • Step by step instructions that you NEED to take in order free yourself from vertigo and put an end to dizziness
  • Why the vestibular blueprint is the most IMPORTANT factor for recovering from vestibular disorders and vertigo
  • How to easily understand the science behind the vestibular system and why it's so important in regards to vertigo, dizziness and balance
  • How to use fully customizable vertigo and balance exercises and techniques. Making each exercise or technique SIMPLE TO PERFORM, allowing you to always find a suitable level that meets your specific needs
  • Over 5 balance tests that you can comfortably perform and that will help you to become confident with maintaining balance whilst walking
  • A simple breathing exercise that removes toxins from the body and PROMOTES HEALING, helping to relieve tension headaches and stress
  • BONUS: 3 vertigo secrets that you will not find in ANY medical textbook, which you can use every day
  • And much, much more!

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Meet the Author

Bobby Gibbs

Bobby Gibbs is a personal and vestibular trainer, life coach and founder of Cure Vertigo Now. He is also the author of The Vertigo Treatment. Having suffered from vertigo for over 3 years, Bobby Gibbs has dedicated his time to helping vertigo sufferers cope and recover from their symptoms. He has made it his mission to increase awareness of vertigo and vestibular disorders, and to provide easy and practical methods that vertigo sufferers can use in their daily lives.