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Exercises Based On Neuroplasticity

The brain is plastic, meaning that it can be reshaped and reprogrammed. By combining and executing exercises that target specific areas of the brain, we’re able to restore and rehabilitate better functioning of the body.

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Our motto here at Cure Vertigo Now is to “keep on propelling forward!” This is exactly what we encourage for our clients, as we are aware of the daily challenges that can arise.

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How To Perform Alternate Nostril Breathing For Vertigo

Alternate nostril breathing is a very beneficial exercise to calm the mind and body. It can be used as a form of meditation and is great for reducing stress, tension and anxiety within the body.

Another useful benefit that it offers is that it reduces the effects of dizziness and vertigo. As we alternate our breathing with each nostril, we are balancing both hemispheres of the brain. Throughout the day we predominately breathe through one nostril. If we breathe through one nostril for too long, we can have more dominance in one hemisphere of the brain.

How To Get Rid Of Tension Headaches And Rebalance The Eyes

This video provides a very simple exercise that you can use for getting rid of tension headaches and improving vision. At times our extraocular (eye) muscles can become tired and imbalanced, which can contribute towards tension, especially within the neck. This video will help to prevent that from happening.

The Cure Vertigo Now Podcast #2

Welcome to The Cure Vertigo Now Podcast, the #1 podcast for discovering everything you need to know about overcoming vertigo, dizziness and vestibular disorders.

In this episode, host Bobby talks about Vestibular Migraine, where he answers questions from viewers and provides simple methods and solutions that those who suffer from Vestibular Migraine can use.

The Cure Vertigo Now Podcast #1

Welcome to The Cure Vertigo Now Podcast, the #1 podcast for discovering everything you need to know about overcoming vertigo, dizziness and vestibular disorders.

In this episode, host Bobby gives an overview of the 2 main types of vertigo which are experienced by millions of individuals worldwide. He highlights why you may suffer from these forms of vertigo in the first place, what causes them and provides some solutions that you can use for overcoming these disorders.

Proprioception: How To Enhance This Forgotten Sensory System

There is a sensory system that is regularly forgotten about and which many aren’t aware of, for optimal movement. This sensory system is known as proprioception (also known as our movement system). Proprioception is our body’s natural awareness in space and of our surroundings. It is what allows us to touch our nose with our hand, as well as know the location of our nose whilst our eyes are closed.

Could This Be You: How Vertigo Sufferers Can Make Money At Home Doing The Things They Love

Suffering from vertigo can make performing tasks difficult within the workplace. Just travelling to your destination can be a job in itself. To make life easier, here you will learn several easy strategies that you can use, to start earning an income from the comfort of your own home. The great thing is, there are many methods that you can implement to generate some money.

Common Vertigo Statistics


Percentage affected each year by BPPV


Percentage of those with vestibular migraine left undiagnosed


Percentage affected by dizziness aged 65 and above

4 Ways That Dramatically Help With Reducing Anxiety And Depression

Previously we looked out how anxiety and dizziness can share a relationship with each other. The focal point this time around will be based upon anxiety and depression. As these are 2 conditions that are common in occurrence for those suffering from vertigo and vestibular disorders, it’s essential that we grasp a solid understanding of how we can overcome situations that can overwhelm us. By calming and relaxing our nervous system, using the methods presented below, it will help the mind and body to become more balanced and aligned, enhancing emotional wellbeing.

8 Must Have Methods That Prevent Vertigo

In a previous post we took a look at more than 60 ways that prevent vertigo, and that also help in curing this condition. If you haven’t read this article yet, you may want to go over it before you continue reading.

Many conditions can cause vertigo. Examples include Vestibular Neuritis, Meniere’s Disease, Mal De Debarquement and Central Vertigo. However, not all instances of vertigo are due to vestibular disorders e.g. Vertigo can occur from Infections. As there’s such a variety of reasons behind vertigo, it can become challenging when finding the root cause.

Overcoming Vertigo: 7 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

When visiting a doctor, ENT or neurologist, there can be many questions and concerns you may have. This can be quite overwhelming, leaving you unsure about what are the best and most appropriate questions to ask.

Here are several questions that you can use as a guide, when visiting a vestibular specialist or doctor. It’s crucial that you are given as much clarity as possible about why you may be experiencing vertigo. The aim of this guide is to make finding out the cause behind your vertigo an easier process.

The Voices Of Vertigo Sufferers

Vertigo is one thing, but what about the thoughts and feelings of those who suffer from vertigo or a vestibular disorder? It’s important for everyone to be fully aware of how vertigo and vestibular disorders affect the lives of millions. Here, a collection of quotes has been put together, featuring some of the voices of those who suffer from vertigo.

61 Ways to Combat Vertigo

There are many methods that can be used for treating vertigo, but it can be quite daunting searching and figuring out which ones to utilise. Presented here is a list of 61 different ways that you can use to combat vertigo. When trying any of these methods, be sure to keep record of how each one makes you feel. If any of these 61 methods makes you feel odd, discontinue using that method and consult with your doctor.

Is One Of Your Sensory Systems Causing You Vertigo?

Our sensory systems are very important. They allow us to move around with coordination and efficiency (spatial awareness), clearly see from close and far distances and maintain a steady balance when walking. If the sensory systems aren’t working properly, it can lead to one suffering from symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness and migraines.

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