Always Here To Support

Offering support to those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness or vestibular disorders.

Food & Nutrition

Specializing in natural methods to combat vertigo, giving you a healthier and energised body.

Exercises Based On Neuroplasticity

The brain is plastic, meaning that it can be reshaped and reprogrammed. By combining and executing exercises that target specific areas of the brain, we’re able to restore and rehabilitate better functioning of the body.

Motivate & Inspire

Our motto here at Cure Vertigo Now is to “keep on propelling forward!” This is exactly what we encourage for our clients, as we are aware of the daily challenges that can arise.

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Common Vertigo Statistics


Percentage affected each year by BPPV


Percentage of those with vestibular migraine left undiagnosed


Percentage affected by dizziness aged 65 and above

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